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Running your business while traveling with family w/ Brittany Thompson

Thinking of embarking on a new adventure with your family and biz in the mix?In this episode, former full-time RVer and business owner, Brittany Thompson, shares all about… How to prepare practically and spiritually for a big change The truth (and myths!) about life on the road Tips and boundaries for your business that will…

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Designing your business around your priorities (family, ministry)

If you feel like your business is running YOU lately instead of you running it – this one is for you. Maybe you want more time with your family. Maybe you want your business to financially supplement ministry work you want to do. This episode is for those hustlers who want businesses because they want…

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Building Multimillion-dollar Businesses, Keys to Success and Homeschooling Kids w/ Leah McHenry

My guest today is one of the most inspiring, box-breaking business-owners out there. Leah McHenry is a mother-of-five and had no formal background in business or even a college degree, but defied all odds to build multi-million dollar businesses (yes, plural). Leah spent years consuming everything she could on digital marketing and after seeing massive…

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How to stay a healthy leader when your mission is heavy w/ Harmony Grillo

How can you do important, people-focused work and still have energy to give? How can you balance goals with other people’s needs for help or attention? How do you keep yourself sane when everything feels like it’s falling apart around you?  In this episode, Harmony Grillo, founder of Treasures (a ministry that empowers women in…

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Healing Your Relationship To Money, Brand Boundaries and Working with your Spouse w/ Allie Casazza

When we don’t feel good about our finances and we have a lack of self-worth, it can create some pretty serious problems in other areas of life. Especially as business owners that are focused on using our money for the things of God – we limit what we can do when our beliefs about money…

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How to make a decision (when it feels like God isn’t deciding for you)

This episode is for all of those times when you need to make a decision and it feels like God isn’t deciding for you. What do you do!?  Making decisions and being able to move on them quickly is key to your success as a business owner. I’m going to give you exercises you can…

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