How to stay a healthy leader when your mission is heavy w/ Harmony Grillo


How can you do important, people-focused work and still have energy to give? How can you balance goals with other people’s needs for help or attention? How do you keep yourself sane when everything feels like it’s falling apart around you? 

In this episode, Harmony Grillo, founder of Treasures (a ministry that empowers women in the sex industry and survivors of  trafficking to live healthy, flourishing lives), is sharing some of the ways she’s grown as a leader, takes care of herself, and keeps her fire going while carrying the cause. 

Whether you’re leading a business, team or serving in ministry, it’s still possible to do big things and maintain your spiritual well-being.


  • How Harmony started her non-profit
  • How she keeps her heart in the game when there are so many people to please
  • What she does when she’s overwhelmed
  • Knowing how to prioritize to stay on mission
  • How she scored sweet press opportunities
  • Sharing your story when other people are involved
  • Setting boundaries to stay a healthy leader
  • Seeking mentors and mentoring – inside and outside the church


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