Building Multimillion-dollar Businesses, Keys to Success and Homeschooling Kids w/ Leah McHenry

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My guest today is one of the most inspiring, box-breaking business-owners out there. Leah McHenry is a mother-of-five and had no formal background in business or even a college degree, but defied all odds to build multi-million dollar businesses (yes, plural). Leah spent years consuming everything she could on digital marketing and after seeing massive growth in her music career (without ever touring), she launched Savvy Musician Academy – the world’s best digital marketing academy for independent musicians. SMA has gone on to train tens of thousands of musicians and help to transform the global independent music industry.

In March of 2020…a historically terrible time to launch anything Leah launched a physical product company, Mythologie Candles. That bootstrapped company reached over a million dollars in revenue within a year’s time.

I have to tell you, the conversations and behind-the-scenes interactions I’ve had with Leah and her husband Steve over the last couple of years have made such an impression on me. If you need some inspiration for a challenge you’re facing – listen up.


The moment everything changed and Leah decided her business was going to work

Gamechangers in every phase of business

How being a believer shapes your entrepreneurial viewpoint

Tips for growing your team


Building a brand from scratch: things she’d do if starting today


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