Healing Your Relationship To Money, Brand Boundaries and Working with your Spouse w/ Allie Casazza


When we don’t feel good about our finances and we have a lack of self-worth, it can create some pretty serious problems in other areas of life. Especially as business owners that are focused on using our money for the things of God – we limit what we can do when our beliefs about money are messed up. In this episode, Allie Casazza (host, The Purpose Show and author of Declutter Like A Mother) and I chat about letting go of the past and healing your relationship to money. 

We also talk about how her online boundaries have changed as a personal brand, and what it was like to transition her husband into her business. 

This is a vital conversation for anyone feeling limited in business growth. 


  • How Allie’s relationship to money has changed over the years
  • Money as it’s related to beliefs about what’s allowed for women
  • Setting brand boundaries as her business and influence has grown over the years
  • Healing from PTSD around money and changing beliefs
  • Setting social media boundaries for mental health
  • Bringing her spouse, Brian, into her business and things every business owner needs to know about what to prepare for


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Allie’s Next Steps:


About Your Host

Kristen Estes is the CEO and Creative Director of Moonwalker Digital, a web design firm that specializes in creating high-converting websites for faith-based and  personality-driven brands. She is also co-owner of a website platform, Weeknight Website, that helps influencers easily build their own WordPress websites with a drag-and-drop editor and expert coaching. Through tutorials, member-only webinars and community, Weeknight Website has helped hundreds of people launch websites.

Kristen holds a BA in Film Production from Emerson College. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Travis and their baby girl, Luka